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about working with Kristina

"I'm pretty happy with my workflow at the moment, I'm getting a lot of productivity. I feel like it’s working well, just following my process."

Lynneh Sheppard

"It was really helpful to itemise my products and services and also ideas for future products and services.

And also seeing how ad hoc my sales funnel is – that I don’t really have a funnel. I’ve already seen the benefit of just listing the different offerings.

It’s not a process as such, it’s a journey. It’s a conversation you’re having with your customers.”"

David Ritchie

"The insights Kristina provides are amazing. The structured approach she recommends is not just about being organised and having more time, it’s about running a professional business that allows you to increase your bottom line through tracking and following up on genuine leads, seeing trends and working out where to spend your resources to maximise your conversions and ROI.

Kristina also provided the best description I’ve heard of a way of developing a customer avatar and I’ve been through a few of these processes.”"

Gillian Andale

"Kristina provided invaluable support and help, particularly in providing a clear explanation of how the system would work. 

I would have loved to have had her assistance earlier as she was very proactive and keen on assisting us come to terms with a large and complex change."

Karling Hamil

"Kristina, thanks for your efforts in providing this information.

I just want to take this opportunity to say how much I appreciate your assistance every time I ask. I always get better than expected responses from you, not that I don’t expect a high level of response, it is just that you always deliver over and above.

Thank you."

Sue Lamont

"Thanks Kristina. You have been a rock and such a huge support to me and my team.
I hope we get the chance to work together again because this experience has been so positive."

Gabbi Ring

"From every one of Kristina's presentations, I learned at least one thing I didn’t know, and one thing that I needed to go away and implement."

Alex Souter