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Every day, we help businesses build longer lasting, more profitable relationships with their customers.

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We have become one of the region's leaders in terms of impacting results. People know they can count on us to deliver value for their business, with customers gaining a 5 times return or more on their investment with us.

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Respect – for people, for their experience

Win-Win – everyone gains from the engagement

Innovation – we deliver creative solutions that work

Sustainable – the benefit we bring to our customers lasts long after our engagement ends

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Support for women

A cured fistula sufferer smiles happily

A cured fistula sufferer smiles happily

Catherine Hamlin

Catherine Hamlin and nurses at the fistula clinic

Cured fistula sufferers

Cured fistula sufferers

When setting up Cunning Solutions, we wanted to use it as a vehicle to support women, for us 
to have a broader impact in the world.

We choose to support organisations working in Africa to
- help women afflicted with obstetric fistula
- provide maternity services for pregnant women
- stop child marriage
- stop female genital mutilation.

If you haven't heard about obstetric fistula, it's caused when a woman is not able to deliver her child through labour, and the child's body gets stuck in the woman's pelvis. Eventually the child dies.

The pressure of the child's body creates holes (fistulas) through the uterus into the woman's bladder, and even into the bowel. Eventually the dead child's body is able to be passed, leaving the woman incontinent.

She leaks urine and, in many cases, faeces.

She becomes an outcast.

Obstetric fistula is treatable through surgery. 

Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, started by Australians Dr Reg Hamlin and Dr Catherine Hamlin in 1974, treats fistula patients and enables them to regain control of their lives. They provide surgery, counselling and training. They also train midwives to work in remote communities so that pregnant women have support, and to help prevent fistulas occurring.

Apart from little maternity care, the 2 other main factors contributing to obstetric fistula are
- child marriage, because the child's body is not able to cope with pregnancy and
- female genital mutilation, where the woman's genitals have been interfered with, causing obstructions.

We support organisations like Plan International who work to stop child marriage and female genital mutilation.

By working with us, you help us support these women and these causes. 

We donate 5% of all sales to help women.

Please also consider donating to these causes. 

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